Our glass experts can assist you in the design process to ensure the best results for your project. Working with glass can get complicated, and thats why you found LAGB. We will guide you. From your concept's initial design, to functionality and practicality, we can help eliminate problems; making the application of your glass well thought out. Schedule a design consultation today.

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Design Consulting

When starting a custom glass project, the design and its efficiency is important. LAGB will conceptualize and design your project, or assist in mastering your design and concept for optimal functionality; making manufacturing and application easy and efficient. 

Handblown Glass

We specialize in custom hand blown glass art and solutions. There are two ways we approach most projects; offhand blowing or mold blowing. Offhand is a blowing method we use to make the piece by hand using calipers if needed. Pieces can be varied depending on your preferences. When repitition is required, we can make you a specialized custom mold for your glass project. Molds allow for high output production and consistency when it matters the most.  


An LAGB staff member can  walk through your location to consult you on the best design options, colors, and style for the space. From inception to completion we work closely with our clients to ensure all your needs are addressed and completed cleanly and professionally.