Glassblowing Classes

We teach beginning, intermediate and advanced glassblowing classes. Our classes cover all techniques in glassblowing. If you have glassblowing experience, we will work with you to pick up where you have left off to continue your journey in glass. Intermediate and advanced classes can be tailored around what you would like to learn, or we will assess your skill set in order to determine what will be productive steps forward in you becoming a better glassblower. Contact us to discuss a lesson plan that works best for you.


Beginning Glassblowing Classes:

- Studio Safety and how to approach the glassblowing studio.

- Gathering glass on a gathering iron and blowpipe.

- Blocking, tooling, and shaping glass

- How to start a bubble

- Color Application

- Introductory design techniques

- Making paperweights, ornaments, and small vessels such as cups and varying forms.